Muriquee App will come out summer 2017. In the meantime we are sure sure you want to use a bigger screen.



6 things to muriquee

    • You can sign in with any email-address and a password you choose or using your Facebook or Google account
    • 2.1 Give it a name
    • 2.2 Choose the type of profile you need:
      • artists can create tours
      • venues and organisers can view all tours
    • 2.3 Select your main genres
    • 2.4 Choose your location
    • 2.5 Embed your soundcloud playlist, youtube videos and add your links
    • Only artists can create tours. Everyone can see all the tours created on the map Artists
      • 3.1 To create a tour, go to the map and click “open tour”
      • 3.2 Give your tour a name:
        • you can create only one tour for now, but you can add as many dates and locations as you want
        • Click "Add Tour Date" and choose a location and a date then save the Tour Stop
        • Repeat for each Location you want to reach with your Tour
        • To View Tours made by others click "Show Others" while on tour mode
      • 3.1 click “View Tours” on your map
    • 4.1 On the map or in the Inbox, click on any profile to view their info
    • 4.2 In the Profile view, click on “Book” to select a day and send a Booking Offer
    • 4.3 Once the offer is sent you will see it in the History between you and that profile
    • 4.4 Click the date in the History to access the Booking Chat
    • 5.1 Your inbox shows your communication with other members of Muriquee divided by day
    • 5.2 our messages will all be kept confidential and can only be read by you and the adressee
    • 5.3 Any booking request will show up on the day for which the request was sent
    • 5.4 To see a stream of all booking request, in order they arrived, click on “Booking” on the left of the calendar
    • 6.1 As soon as both sides have agreed to a booking in the chat the event will appear as “Booked” in the calendar. Click on it to access the publishing area
    • 6.2 In the publishing area you will see all agreements for that day, they are ready to be published as 1 line-up
    • 6.3 You can add a title of the event, a description and upload a jpg
    • 6.4 Hit “Publish” to show the event on your public profile (

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